A very pink posy

imageThis is a very pink posy!! I think it is just saved from looking sickly by the refreshingly acid lime green spurge.

It really isn’t us to new stems cut short and plonked in a jam jar. The three camellias first – their wood stems and foliage then supported the two tulips and three stems of euphorbia.

I cut the the euphorbia carefully and  did steer their stems to try and reduce the ooze of white sap – I’ve not suffered a reaction to this sap yet but don’t want to risk it as I have heard it is unpleasant. But I wouldn’t be without this euphorbia, or common wood spurge, in the garden in spring. It’s a lovely foil to many flowers, making reds, blues and even pinks like this sing.

It is a bit invasive though and I must dig up some of the patch this year to slow it down a bit.


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