A vase a week – utility room

imageNot every vase quite works – and while this one is bright and pretty, I don’t think it’s best placed against the tangerine walls of the  utility room. Although it’s nice to have flowers to welcome home you as soon as you open the back door – will paint a more neutral tone next tine!

Going back to the flowers, it’s spurge from the huge patch that I really must  start controlling. I love it this time of year when the flowers are such a bright acid green. And for the first year in this garden I have some purple honesty planted next to it – love that colour combination.

Here in the vase though that colour is provided by perennial wallflower ‘Bowles mauve’. I can’t recommend this plant highly enough. I bought two small plant last year and they have bulked up and flowered pretty much non stop all through our unusually mild winter. And now it’s spring they’re in full bloom again.

They’re easy to take cuttings from too.  I have two small plants just from sticking shoots in old pots that held tomatoes or cucumber plants over the summer. The only negative point about the plant is tha they are unscented.

Finally, there are the dog tooth violets with their elegant curved petals – but I’ll leave the main description of these to the next post




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