Narcissi “Yellow cheerfulness”

imageA beautiful primrose colour and a delicious Spring scent. I’ve planted two clumps of these – one of the yellow and another of the white cheerfulness. The White isn’t out properly yet, but I don’t think I like them nearly as much as these buttery charmers.

This particular case is from the pot by my back door. A sudden overnight hailstorm cut them down so I had to cut them – otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to pick so many at once.

It’s what I call the “plonked in a vase” school of arrangement. An old fashioned wedding present vase that used to be my mothers, a couple of the whippy growths from where the plum tree pruning went wrong, a couple of white daffs from the back of the veg patch and then a handful of scented narcissi. I didn’t condition the stems or do anything about the sap that leaks out of cut stems – haven’t even changed the water and it’s lasted brilliantly for a week now.

I took the pic in the dining room – better light – but the vase is on the bookshelf in the hall at the bottom of the stairs. So every morning when I come downstairs or when we move from room to room, we’re greeted by their cheerful little faces and their happy scent.


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